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Two-Month Interior Design Courses. Start your studies right away – courses are always ongoing. These courses cover working with both 2D and 3D programs. By the course's end, you will have your own portfolio to showcase on your website and to attract potential clients. Join us in learning and pursuing your dreams!
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This course is digital and shown on an online platform at your convenient time and place. It Is your responsibility to meet the requirements to access the course. You will have 2 year access to this course. The duration of this course is 2 months, but the learning time can be longer, depending on how much time you can devote to reviewing the lessons.

What you will learn

It is important that in these courses, together with the theory of interior design, you will get not only theoretical knowledge, but what is not in any other course in one place, you will learn to draw plans and create 3D (three-dimensional) visualizations with the HomeStyler program in the course itself!

  • 1-2 Lessons. Design elements and principles

Composition. Form. Line. Plane. Texture. Color. Light. Visual weight. Equilibrium and balance. Scale and Proportion. Rhythm and Accent. Unity and Contrast. Self-check tasks.

  • 3-4 Lessons.

The nature of color. Primary colors. Color wheel. Tone, saturation, brightness. Warm and Cold colors. Chromatic and Achromatic colors. Color notation. Application of color harmonies in the interior. Self-check tasks.

  • 5-8 Lessons. STYLES

Antiquity (Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome).
Medieval styles (Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire). Contemporary styles (Modern, Modernism, Bauhaus, Art-Deco, Hi-Tec, Minimalism. Pop-Art, Loft, Kitsch, Fusion, Scandinavian style, Mid-century modern).

After this half you will learn to:

  1. Create a balanced interior composition.
  2. Choose color harmonies without mistakes.
  3. You will learn to distinguish between historical and contemporary styles.
  4. You will learn to create "tasty" and well-selling interiors.

  • 9-10 Lessons. CREATION OF ARCHITECTURAL SPACE + WORK WITH HomeStyler program: drawing drawings and creating 3D visualizations

Artistic image and function. Living space design, zones. Visible spaces. Customer needs. Layout.

  1. Getting to know the HomeStyler program.
  2. First HomeStyler tutorial: how to draw a plan and add dimensions.

  • 11-12 Lessons. ERGONOMICS

Anthropometric measurements. Furniture dimensions and sizes. Standards. Furniture arrangement. Self-check task: drawing a plan and placing furniture with the HomeStyler program. The third HomeStyler lesson: loading and placing furniture in the plan.


Types, characteristics. Selection of materials for the performed virtual design-project. Self-check task: creation of concept-board and functional table isomg the Archicad program. The fourth HomeStyler lesson: how to create a concept-board.

  • 14-16 Lessons. Stages of the designer's work

Meeting with the client, discussing the order. Contract preparation, work performance plan. Explanation of working with the project: plans, floor plans, perspectives, visualization. Copyright care. Completeness of the object. Creating a portfolio. Practical task: drawing floor and ceiling layout plan with HomeStyler program. HomeStyler tutorial: how to draw a floor and ceiling plan. HomeStyler tutorial: how to create A 3D visualization. How to place the camera and light correctly. HomeStyler tutorial: how to create textures using photos from the Internet. Final visualization.

  • 17 Lesson.

Marketing, customer types. HomeStyler lesson: how to create a layout plan for lighting fixtures and a layout plan for power switch.

  • 18 Lesson.

How to create a presentation of your project and present it to the client. Final work, presentation, digital certificate.

Finally, you will have your own virtual interior design project that you can upload to your website, show customers and already sell your services.

Requirements For This Course

Items You Will Need For This Course:

A Computer Or Laptop With Internet Access For Watching The Course

Online Homestyler Program

Online Canva Program